Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thinking about my mother

" is inherently messy, complicated, cross-wired, an endless negotiation between interior and exterior, between the environment in which a human or an animal lives and its physiological and neurological state."

My mother wrote this in one of her notebooks. She kept a record of phrases and quotes to use later when she was writing.

Born in 1917, my mother passed away in 2004 at the age of 87. For many years, she journalled every day, and wrote articles. She also completed a romance novel (never published). A few of her articles were published in local newspapers.

I am in the process of organizing and transcribing her writings into my computer. Fortunately, she printed out things she wrote on her computers, since I don't know where the disks are or if I could download the material from them. I would like to assemble her writings into an autobiography some day.

I think my mother would have loved the advent of blogs and being able to publish online. She frequently encouraged me to write, she would be glad to know I am finally following her suggestion.

Online opportunities have also allowed me to publish some of my mother's material. Shreveport, Louisiana in the 1920s and 1930s gives a vivid view of where she grew up. Reflections: Luck speaks eloquently about how we can make our own luck.

I think my favorite is Memories in a Drawer (originally entitled "Emptying the Dresser Drawers") in which she paints a picture of my father's life by examining what he had in his bureau. (Note: the "youngest daughter" is me)

I feel like my mother is talking to me as I transcribe her words, especially when I am typing from her hand-written notebooks. Although I feel sad when I remember how much I miss her, it's a joy to hear her voice and share her thoughts with others.

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